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Why invest in your portraits? You are your own self and no one can BE you. With the every changing tech on phones anyone can shoot themselves or have their friends do it them. For me, my camera is merely a tool, it is my heart, my passion for human connection and bringing your true self out. Capture who you are now is what's important. Every one is unique in their own way. You are ever changing so I want to help you capture that professionaly. Can’t wait to hear what your dream shoot will be. 


My Style:

Elegance, editorial, timeless, and dazzled with that fashionista with in you.


I hope you enjoy my portfolio even if it just inspires you for today.


"No one is you and that is your superpower" -Elyse Santilli-


Let's talk

Charlotte & Concord NC area



Note: Branding shoots, Senior photoshoots & Modeling portfolio shoots are all I offer right now. I do apologize I can refer you to another photographer who specialize in what you need. 


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